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Every so often on Nintendo Life, a thread will pop up about some other website and a top [insert number] list they may have made; however, this isn't about someone else's top 5: this is about your top five.

That's right, just like the question of the day thread, this is a daily thread about your top five things of whatever category is up for the day.

Enough text then; let's begin with my personal "Top five favorite video-game characters":

5) Luke (Tales of the Abyss)
4) N (Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black 2/White 2)
3) Pit (Kid Icarus)
2) GLaDoS (Portal/Portal 2)
1) Neku (The World Ends with You)

Just a friendly reminder:

Please be mindful of others opinions, and respect the rules and regulations of the site when doing this.

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hard one, I'll just put the first 5 that I remember of my favorites as I can't really make a choice:
5) Luigi(he's not a green mario!!!!!!)
4) Ezlo(Minish Cap)
3) Adeleine(Kirby 64, some people say it's the same as Ado from kirby Dreamland 3 but not confirmed)
2) Neku(The World Ends With You)
1) Kirby(the Green Kirby is my favorite!)

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@GuardianKing Neku and The World Ends With You are both amazing! I just found Joshua a little annoying at first but he was a cool character too in the end!

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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5) Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
4) Bianca Whitaker (Dragon Quest V)
3) Wario (Wario Land/WarioWare/Mario series)
2) GLaDOS (Portal series)
1) Sialeeds Falenas (Suikoden V)

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5. Mario

4. Donkey Kong Jr.

3. Chun Li

2. Prof. Oak

1. Ninetails

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5. Chrom or Marth from FE:A
4. Midna
3. Viridi
2. Luke form tales of the abyss
1. Link

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5.- Lady Zozo (Code of Princess)
4.- Midna
3.- Link
2.- Samus Aran
1.5.- Leon S. Kennedy
1.- Marth

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  • Link
  • Anna (FE:A)
  • Mewtwo
  • GLaDOS
  • Ken (SF)

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1. Mr.L/Luigi
2. Mario
3. Link/ Toon Link
4. Geno
5. Mallow

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3.Morrigan Aensland
4.Ryu Hayabusa
5.Vincent Valentine



5. N (Pokemon B/W)
4. Kanji (Persona 4)
3. Jonathan (TWEWY)
2. Io Nitta (Devil Survivor 2)
1. Adachi (Persona 4)

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1. Happy Mask Salesman- He's mysterious, bizarre, happy, insane, humorous, he can spontaneously make a giant organ (as in the instrument) appear and he may or may not be based on Mr. Miyamoto. So. Much. Win.
2. Hector- He is the Marquess Ostia, but that doesn't stomp him from kicking rump and taking names, without taking damage. Plus he has a fun personality. The sad thing is that he died.
3. Aran Ryan- Totally not a stereotype of the Irish.
4. Dr. Ivo Robotnik(otherwise known as Teddy Roosevelt in his pajamas)- He can be malicious, and humorous without really losing anything in the process. Just another fun character.
5. Skull Kid- He's more well designed than fun, but he's a great character none-the-less. You really feel sorry for him when you learn all about him.

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1. Samus Aran
2. Sylux
3. Melia
4. Shulk
5. Riki

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(5) Roger Wilco and Jack Cayman
(4) Guybrush Threepwood
(3) Professor Layton
(2) Link, Donkey Kong and Kirby
(1) Yoshi

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5. Mordin Solus
4. Glados
3. Yoshi
2. Hinawa
1. Bowser

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5. Captain Falcon (an awesome racer/bounty hunter with as many catchphrases as Arnold Schwartzenegger.)

4. Gex (the wise-cracking gecko; I miss him terribly!)

3. Luigi (the younger bro. who finally got out of his sibling's shadow.)

2. Samus (the coolest heroine gaming has, and will, ever see.)

1. Dr. Eggman (the best of gaming's evil geniuses; his iconic figure, insignias, and overall tone are nothing short of egg-cellent! )



5. Tingle - no explanation needed

4. Phoenix Wright - my favourite ace attorny

3. Hades (Kid Icarus : Uprising) - hilarious

2. Ganon(dorf) - Awesome villian with many epic scenes

1. Professor Layton - A true gentle man with an interesting background

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