Topic: Top 3 Favorite Cereal?

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Organic weetabix (my dad works at Weetabix, so I get it for free )
Reese's peanut butter cereal
Extreme cream taste Oreo O's

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Fruity Pebbles
Crunch Berries
Honey Nut Cheerios

You know wwhat's really ironic? I just replied to mariofan5000's thread about PopTarts! What is it about food today?! XD



Golden Grahams
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Fruity Cheerios

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Rice Krispies
Can't decide between Weetabix and Branflakes

What's this bit for again?


__Stevie wrote:

Special K with Cranberry

LMAO. Suits you sir.

#1: Porridge
#2: Sultana Bran
#3: Crunchy Nuts



3) "Wheat Biscuits" - an own brand weetabix.
2) Sugar Puffs - too sugary for me now
1) Muesli - in my student days, I strived for a bowl of Muesli each morning and I was quite keen on it.

Honourable mentions go to Shredded Wheat (no sugar - very dull), Rice Krispies (which I haven't eaten for 12 years - so I suppose it isn't a favourite by a long shot) and "Malt Wheats" an own brand shreddies that I don't as much eat as breakfast, as I casually snack on between meals. Naughty.

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3. Rice Krispies
2. Rice Krispies
1. Rice Krispies

[I love Rice Krispies]

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