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@WingedSnagret Thank You Very Much. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I put a lot of time and effort into it and like I said... I love the Nintendo Franchises so anything less of my ability wouldn't have done them justice


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5.. Pokemon
4. F-Zero
3. Metriod
2. Kirby

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I was gonna say "disappointed in the lack of Animal Crossing here", but then it suddenly got mentioned three posts in a row!
I'll treat the Mario "series"-es seperately, because otherwise Mario would win purely because of the amount of games it has, but it's honestly not my favourite Ninty franchise overall so that would just be inaccurate.

10. Pokémon: It's a consistently entertaining series, but at the same time I'm getting a bit tired of GF removing good features from past games then adding them onto remakes. Also, while I think I would enjoy it I've never been into competitive purely because of the time it takes to make a team and the stupid learning curve for it. I just can't dedicate the time for it. Still, Pokémon is a true classic and has spawned a lot of good games, as well as some cool spin-offs like the Mystery Dungeon series. It's Pokémon. It's good just for that.
9. Kirby: It's a really nice 2D platformer series that looks nice and tries out some fun, different concepts- though I wish it would flesh some of them out a bit more as well. It doesn't stand out a ton to me, but it's still really good, and always turns out something enjoyable.
8. Kid Icarus: Uprising pretty much makes it earn this spot on my list. It's seriously amazing, a wonderful 3DS title, and the original is entertaining too. It's a nice series overall, though Uprising is really what stands out.
7. Mario & Luigi: This is by far my favourite RPG series. I'm not a big fan of RPGs, to be honest(and to be fair- I haven't played that many, because they'd take up too much time and that's my main criticism), but I just love the goofy dialogue and settings and everything in these games, and I love the worlds and the attacks are just fun to use. The worst game in the series was Partners in Time, and that was still pretty good...
6. F-Zero: I only played the original, but I love it. I'm really annoyed by the lack of games this franchise is getting though, because I think it could be an amazing racing series. The fast-pace is incredibly fun, and I love how it's a racing game that's actually difficult whereas every other one I've played was fun but easy. Honestly my favourite game from the racing genre just because it really feels different. The reason I didn't put the franchise higher on my list is because it hasn't put out any games for a while, and I haven't really played it that much despite enjoying it a lot, plus I've only played the original so putting it higher would feel "unfair"(if I played more games from this series, it would probably climb up)... Kind of the opposite reason from Pokémon.
5. Donkey Kong: I think that the Country games are much better 2D platformers than any of the Super Mario Bros. games(though to be fair, I haven't really played any SMB games besides the original and the New series). Besides, it's Donkey Kong. I don't know if the Mario & Donkey Kong games count in this list but those are pretty good games as well.
4. Mario Kart: I don't know why, but I find these games strangely addictive. I haven't really played them in a while, but even if I played them forever, they'd still entertain me. They're just so much fun and racing has always been one of my favourite genres that I didn't like a ton of games from- but Mario Kart is definelty a series of racing games I like. I also like the gimmicks in this series because it helps to set the games apart a bit.
3. The Legend of Zelda: The franchise disappointed me a couple of times, but I still enjoyed every Zelda game I've played some way or another. They're solid games with entertaining lore. They've got some great game design. Not much more to say.
2. 3D Super Mario: Always amazing.
1. Animal Crossing: I love the replayability, I love all three games(even though City Folk was disappointing, I still enjoyed it), and this probably the only game where I enjoy the multi and single player equally, rather than one over the other(looking at you, Mario Kart and KIU). I think this series has also improved with every iteration(well... Besides City Folk, simply the black sheep of the franchise). Honestly, just a really solid series I've loved for a long time and I don't see myself stopping that any time soon. It's massive, it's fun, and it's charming.

Second place was ridiculously close, but Animal Crossing ultimately wins for me, just from the replayability...

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CureDolly wrote:

@CanisWolfred Drill Dozer! I think there was only one, but isn't that a great game!

Indeed it is! Easily one of the more underappreciated games in Nintendo's catelogue. Too bad it was released so late on the GBA...

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I remember there being a thread or two on this in the past, but they're probably very well buried by now. :x
Because I haven't played many games from a lot of these series, I'll mostly base them on my favourite game from each franchise (in brackets)

10) Balloon Fight (Original)
9) Kid Icarus (Original)
8) Donkey Kong (Mario vs.)
7) Kirby (Amazing Mirror)
6) Animal Crossing (New Leaf)
5) Pokémon (Crystal)
4) Mario (Super Mario World)
4) Yoshi's Island (Original)
3) Metroid (Fusion)
2) Legend of Zelda (Minish Cap)
1) Fire Emblem (Awakening)

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Nice video!

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CanisWolfred wrote:

1. Metroid
2. Pokemon
3. Star Fox
4. F-Zero
5. Drill Dozer
6. Pikmin
7. Mother
8. Chibi-Robo
9. Zelda?

I think that's it...I'm not counting the Xeno series since most of it belongs to Namdai.

I knew I was forgetting some...

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1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Xeno series if that counts.
3. Super Smash Bros.
4. Metroid
5. Mario Kart
6. Fire Emblem
7. Super Mario
8. Kid Icarus
9. Star Fox
10. Pokemon tied with Animal Crossing

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