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I've been watching Farfromsubtle's playthrough of Ace Attorney and Fraser brought up at one point that it's more fun to prove the person you saw commit the murder rather than figuring out who it is. I've never played the games, so tell me, would it be more fun to figure out who did the crimes or is it more fun just proving the person you saw do the crime? Personally, I think it would be more fun not knowing who did it, because if you already knew who did it, then I feel there wouldn't be as much thought process needed, like there isn't that feeling of doubting whether or not the person really did it, because you know who not to say guilty to, so I think it removes of the mystery of it. What do you think? Inspiration (potential spoiler):

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The games are more like visual novels than games, so it would make little difference in my opinion.

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Well, half of each case is spent before you get an idea of who it is anyway, and even after you figure it out, they put up such a desperate struggle to get away and deny it while you keep hanging on by a thread that I get more of a thrill out of that. I feel Ace Attorney has a good mix of both. In fact, I believe only cases 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 5-1 show the criminal outright, and those are tutorials basically, so yeah, most cases make you spend a fair amount of time before you can begin to figure it out. Even if you have an idea as to who it is, AA is famous for twists that completely turn things around, so there is plenty of suprise.


I see it like this, you didn't know who it was and you find out so now what? In a courtroom you have to prove that someone committed a crime because anyone can lie. Also it's frustrating that you see the criminal person up on the stand and you know he's guilty but you can't do anything unless you can find a way to prove it. My adrenaline is pumping now!!! Gonna go break stuff hell yeah!!!

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i don't think the cases are as easy if you already know who did it because you can't skip around. When you already know who did it, you outside the game already know which pieces of evidence are gonna be more important than others, but the characters inside the game don't have the ability to make those leaps of logic. Even replaying the game for the story, sometimes you forget which pieces of evidence you've already presented or which statements you've pressed on because you have an idea of how it's all supposed to play out and you're trying to get it to go the way you know it will, but the judge refuses to see your reasoning until the correct sequence of presented evidence and pressed statements have played out during testimony. it can also be frustrating during the investigation process, when you know a certain person or place will give you a piece of evidence you need, and yet you haven't triggered the correct sequence of questions and responses yet to unlock it, or it may not actually be available until later on during the case. when it comes to the AA series, especially in the realm of the first playthrough, i wouldn't want to be spoiled regarding what's to come.

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it depends, on some chapters it's cool to know because of that "that person is above law" sensation(like the second chapter in the first game!) otherwise it's kind of dissapointing.

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