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So I might be throwing a Mario game party with some friends soon! The idea started with a couple of us saying we wanted to replay the Paper Mario games and ended up with us deciding we should have a full on Mario-themed party. We'll probably do it regularly over the course of a few weeks, since we want to play all of the Paper Mario games. We'll probably mix in some Mario Party (the game itself), Mario Kart and NSMB Wii too. So...

If you were to throw a Mario party, what would you make or bring to make it an awesome themed party? I'm thinking Mario-related food, beverages, craft items, toys, music, and other cool things that we could make or bring. Bonus points for Super Mario RPG/Paper Mario-related things!

To get started, I just found Mario level cakes, and some 3D-printed Mario cookie cutters online:

And this question mark block ottoman slipcover is pretty neat.

Let's play some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Let me know who you are before you add me.
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My game parties nowadays just consist of Smash Bros, Cod, and Nintendoland..

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I wish I had friends to have game parties with...


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WingedFish wrote:

I wish I had friends to have game parties with...

yeah i dont know anybody who would do that with me, either.
most people in germany just play pc games

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