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Topic: Thread of totally awesome Netflix Instant recommendations

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The Craft - I saw this when I was a teenager, and it's stood the test of time. Definitely the quintessential witch flick. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power makes you a crazy <censored>.

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Now that series 7 is up, I've decided to re-watch (new) Doctor Who from the beginning. It's been so long since I've given some of these earlier episodes my full attention - I often just have the show playing in the background while I'm doing other things - that I'm either noticing lines I don't remember or appreciating other aspects of the show in a new light. For instance, I have a newfound love for Mickey's arc from late-season 1 through season 2.

After all these years though, I still hate the way Mrs. Moore dies in "The Age of Steel". It's not so much that her death is cruel and almost pointless (those are nothing new for the show, and it's an especially common end for characters that are there for a single story), but there's just no way any of those loud, slow, clanky Cybermen should've been able to sneak behind her & the Doctor for an incredibly cheap stealth kill.

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Got on again last night:

Machete Kills - The name really says it all. It's a purposely campy action flick with an over abundance of silly, over the top violence (at one point the main character, Machete, rips out an opponent's intestine and tosses it up into the rotating blade of a helicopter, which then pulls him up into it). It's nothing more or less than advertised, and would probably be a decent watch if you're in the mood for stupid action. (3/5 Stars)

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Anything in the Trailer Park Boys series. Literally the best show to come out of Canada, ever.

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