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Man it's been awhile, lol.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix original) Seasons 2 & 3 - I was a big fan of the book series as a kid so I was really excited to re-experience it through this show (watched the first season awhile ago), especially since my memory of the last few books was a bit hazy, and while it was nice reacquainting myself to the series, overall I felt that it was just okay.

Maybe it's because I read the books at a young age, but the Netflix series comes off as much more camp & silly than I had imagined things being when reading the books (though I'll admit to finding Neil Patrick-Harris' version of Count Olaf pretty amusing, and is probably the standout part of the show). Also, I didn't think it had a satisfying ending. I suppose most secrets were revealed, and I don't think it needed to be longer, but it felt like it was missing something, but what I can't exactly pinpoint. Maybe I was just really hoping they would find their parents alive, or expand upon their romantic inteterests upon the end, I dunno.

Overall, worth a look if you're really into the books, but I really can't recommend it otherwise.

Other than that I've recently watched the Last Hope (Netflix original) and a couple of the Netflix exclusive Godzilla films, but as those are all anime I've either already, or will, post more detailed thoughts in the anime thread.

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I've been watching a few things with my kids, and Hilda is absolutely sublime. It mines some of the lesser visited areas of (mainly) Scandinavian folklore - like the nisse and the mara - but packages it with a thoroughly charming art style and modern but otherworldly setting. It might be my favourite Netflix animated series yet. Can't recommend it highly enough.

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