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Never read the book and Im afraid to watch the movie as it might taint it. (inkheart)

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I like him in the Mummy and Inkheart. That flick where he was hiding out with his parents in the bomb shelter under his home was pretty nifty too I guess.

I didn't really understand his 15second cameo in GI Joe though.


@Magi - GI Joe was directed by Stephen sommers the director of The Mummy. In fact the actor that did the mummy appeared in GI Joe too.

I like him. He has done nice movies and is very charismatic. I wish he could chose better project though (but again he has a family to feed)


MuljoStpho wrote:

Of all the movies that have been named in this topic so far, I've only seen Journey to the Center of the Earth. Other movies of his that I have seen would include Encino Man, Blast From the Past, Bedazzled, and Monkeybone. There's also a few that imdb lists him as uncredited that I've seen. (He had cameos as Link in a couple other Pauly Shore movies and he's had a couple other small parts in things.)

Totally forgot about Blast from the Past. That's actually a good movie.
Alright so +1 for Brendan Fraser, but I still stand by my belief that there's nothing that he's been in that couldn't have worked without him.

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i think he's a good actor not a great one but good yet i don't understand why he make a few movies a year then fade out of acting for 2 or more years then randomly come back into acting for 3 or more movies in a year

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His face still makes me angry.

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I've been thinking of a way to reply to this thread, without offending anyone or being nasty. I still can't, so I'm not saying owt.



warioswoods wrote:

His face still makes me angry.

Your attitude makes me angry

OOOOOoooh Snap!

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The best thing the guy has going for him is this thread, let me put it like that.

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@V: lol

seriously, though, i gotta say i'm not a fan. The Mummy and its sequels were terrible, and I think I'll try to pick up Inkheart the book before bothering with the movie.
edit: though I will say I liked him on Scrubs, but that was probably because he was in one of the best episodes of Scrubs ever

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Vendetta wrote:

The best thing the guy has going for him is this thread, let me put it like that.

True dat. This is the closest thing he'll probably ever have to a fan site; and most people here don't care for him

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I'm feeling I shouldn't have posted this thread.

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Let's just say I was amused by The Mummy 3......

....because it was hilariously bad.

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The last Mummy is about as groovy as the last Indiana Jones (which is to say, not at all)



StarBoy91 wrote:

Yep, he's truly amiable at best. I never saw Inkheart, is it good?

Can't speak for the movie, but the book series is amazing.

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I don't think that Brendan Fraser is one of the best actors; but I do like a lot of his movies: George of the Jungle, Blast from the Past, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bedazzled, and Dudley Do-Right. He has a very boyish air about him. I saw him in person at Universal Studios Florida when they were promoting the third Mummy movie in front of The Mummy ride. He really seems like a very nice guy. He did his best to shake hands with all the people that stayed behind after the main event. He really does look very young still even in person. You can see some indications of his age here and there; but, over all, he seems like a 28 to 35 year old.



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