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I was thinking that if you have friends and you were playing a game, your friends would see a live recording of you playing the game. And when one of your friends is playing a game and online like you, it would be YOU who would see a live recording of him/her playing the game! Is that genius or WHAT?

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It's a good thought, but what would be the point of watching someone play with your 3DS when you can just play the thing yourself?
Assuming people still play Video Games nowadays. Seriously, it's like no one around here even knows what a Video Game is.

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That's a very good point you make, Tyson

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Correct me if i am wrong, but won't live feeding your 3ds slow it down a bit? And it will only work with wifi.

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Yeah, that's a great idea! Or you could get EVEN more involved with them, and join their game: a feature that is already included!

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It just seems like a novelty. Why would you watch someone play NSMB2, when you could play it yourself?

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No, thanks. We have YouTube.




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I actually like the idea (unlike some people) but I doubt the 3DS is fast enough to handle live streaming too well. Maybe at really low-res.

And some people do enjoy watching other people play games, people. That's why there are "Let's Play" videos on YouTube.

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I don't think I would ever use the feature, to be honest. And like @rayword45 said, I doubt the 3DS could handle this.

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Right. Let's give our systems another reason to slow down. How about no?

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Is it safe to say that I hate the people who hate the idea?

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Please, let's not go down that road, Jaybuscus. You can always suggest your idea to Nintendo proper and see what they say, though. Good luck to you!

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