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When I registered here and first logged in, I thought I didn't do it properly because it brought me back to the log-in page. Took me three tries to realize I was logged in!

I'm just curious to see if this ever happened to anyone else.



Yeah. That happens to me.

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I don't log in at all.

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What's funny is that I barely log off, I just stay on, even when I turn off my laptop. Though that's probably not a good idea.

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Yeah I stay logged on all the time on all my computers lol

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Dicesukeinuzuka wrote:

Yeah I stay logged on all the time an all my computers lol

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Ne too, that was a problem so I just stay jogged on,


Heh, it was fixed (assuming it was some sort of bug). Thanks to whoever did that.



Yeah, on most forums, you get taken back to the index page so I had to get used to that when I first came here.

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