Topic: They remember playing Super Mario on the PlayStation..... - FAIL!

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Anyone else remember playing Halo on the Atari 2600? Man I had so much fun online in that game.

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Raylax wrote:

I don't get why this is funny. An almost complete non-gamer refers to a console she played probably more than 10 years ago as a Playstation. Which is by far the most commonly known name of game consoles. I know tons of people who refer to consoles of various types as playstations.
It'd be like me asking you to identify the brand of keyboard you used to play back in high school and then laughing when you noobishly said it was a Yamaha, when infact it was a Hammond you absolute moron, go burn in a pit of your own shaaaame.

Yeah, got to agree with this post.

It's not some gaming expert being interviewed, in depth, who has made a massive error, it's a member of a girl group.

She started answering the question with the words 'oh my gosh', that pretty much sums up the sort of person we are dealing with here. She's not a gamer. She's not professor of video gaming history at Oxford. She probably knows a lot about shoes.

So this is what we have: a non-gamer referred to a Nintendo console as a PlayStation...

Be still my aching sides.



Still, as some of you seem to think it's the funniest thing ev0r, here are some other great gags for you to enjoy. And great gags they are.

Hey folks, does anyone remember playing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Nintendo Master Unit 32?

And what about that Monkey Kong game, huh? That was great.

Man, I sure hope I get some time to play Zombies Ate My Sandwich on the Microsoft Wii Machine when I get home.

I've highlighted the mistakes for you, wouldn't want a single second to go by without the sheer hilarity of these jokes getting noticed.



^That, pretty much. Oh my god, some person uses the more common word "Playstation" instead of "console", and the console she was talking about wasn't actually of the Playstation. What an incredibly stupid person, we must now make threads and laugh at her!

Grow up, kids.



they dumb. dumb as hell

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FATEM wrote:

Anyone else remember playing Halo on the Atari 2600? Man I had so much fun online in that game.

Stop it, you're killing me!

Remember playing Goldeneye on the... wait for it... wait for it... ON THE SEGA SATURN!

This will never get old.



I've played Mario on my PlayStation! Super Mario World to be exact! AND Second Reality I'm pretty sure...


REPORT: Mistake made in interview, topic created to highlight fact. Topic locked after strange allergic reaction breaks out amongst readership.


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