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Ok, good ol' bob meister is here to tell you about the re marathon on

It will be held on october 30th, 2009. And will be a 48-hr marathon, starting at 6 PM CST.

The foundation being supported is The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, an organization for people who live with diabetes every day.

There will be a "Pumpkin Cam" set up outside the house where the marathon is being held at. What is the Pumpkin Cam you ask? Well, i'll tell you: TheSpeedGamer's will have a camera in a pumpkin. The pumpkin will then be set outside, and tsg will have a seperate stream to do the footage, where they will let you see the trick or treater's as they come upto the door during the marathon.

There will be prizes, the prizes will be a copie of "Resident Evil 5: Collector's Edition", being given away by phil. There will also be three copies of "Looney Toons: Halloween Hill" that Blackduck has donated to be given away as prizes.

This is the list of game's that will be played and the player's name who is...well, playing it XD:
Resident Evil 0 – Tyler
Resident Evil 1– Tyler
Resident Evil Gaiden– Phil
Resident Evil 2 – Gwellin
Resident Evil 3 – Kilgard
Resident Evil Code Veronica – Phil
Resident Evil 4 – Tim
Resident Evil 5 – Baltes

Here is the list of commentators for the marathon and what times they will be commentating:
Friday 6pm-12am – Britt
Saturday 12am-6am – Rust
Saturday 6am-9am – Baltes
Saturday 9am-12pm – Gwellin
Saturday 12pm-6pm – Tyler
Saturday 6pm-12am – Chase
Sunday 12am-6am – Rust
Sunday 6am-9am – Ferenc
Sunday 9am-6pm – Room Collaboration (Britt, Chase, Phil, Tyler, Rob, Paul, ect.)

So come down one and all! to watch this very GHASTLY! marathon with us!

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Oh cool! I love the speed gamers!


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Oh dude.

Why do you have to do this? I'm going to have to watch the entire thing end to end.





I saw them play through MM3, MM9 and I watched a little of one of the Legends games. I tuned in here and there to see them playing MM8 (I think) which I had never seen in action before and actually looks really cool.

Sadly I intended to donate some money at the end of the weekend, and then didn't get the chance to before the marathon ended. I'll make up for that with the RE run though!




48 hours?! Dang :/
I might end up only watching half of that because I want to go trick or treating with my friends for some candy.

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whoa, ive never seen so many views in so little time, already 220 views!

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