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Hey guys, bobberyfan here to tell you about the mega man marathon by thespeedgamers. The marathon will start on august 14th, and will be running for 72-hours. They will be playing through mega mans 1 thru 9, and raising money for, a environmental organization. They will be at sometimes doing outdoor commentary, in honor of And there will be prizes to be won, but are currently unkown of what were giving away. So be sure to sign up for the forums, introduce yourself to the rest of us at, and listen to the podcast and buy some tsg duds! so be sure to get log on at august 14th! for some mega man awesomeness!

They will be giving away the following as prizes:
A sketchbook from anatotitan full of megaman artwork.
A megaman figurine.
jsatter13 and Skeletor1991 will be giving away the megaman vc games to 2 lucky viewers.
StopDropAndBear is also donating and giving away megaman 9 on wiiware.
Gwellin dropped off a copy of megaman 2 for the nes while he was down for the ff marathon.

For details on how to win the prizes, visit on august 14th @ 6pm CST

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I'd love to check this out. It might not hurt to post a reminder when the date gets closer, wink wink.




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