Topic: There are 3 days left in Club Nintendo's year, what should I do?

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Thank God you told me! I gotta enter my address and stuff!

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Oh yeah, it's almost time, I can't wait!!

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grenworthshero wrote:

No, I don't think it'd be scary just working in a video game store, I think it'd be scary if someone barfed in the middle of a video game store. I see. I misread your post last night.

grenworthshero wrote:

hm, I wonder; are most people on here Platinum?

Probably. This IS a community of Nintendo nuts, after all, and it really isn't very hard to get 600 coins in a year. Especially considering the backlog of games already released that they posted surveys for, which is why I've earned over 1,600 coins thus far.

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