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Figured this could be useful since i know and i think ive watched a few people here with youtube videos (i think theres a link6674 or something, ive seen his onslaught review where he says incredible all the time). Basically, if you have any videos that are YOUR OWN and you wanna share them with us, be it your amazing gameplay feat, your own video reviews, game or personal footage you feel like showing (not too personal xD) then post it here and tell us what it is before we click it. (in other words don't just post a URL, give a small intro for us)

For me, its already in my sig, but i did a ROB vs ROB thing in brawl that turned out to be exciting and fun in my opinion, here it is Comment and rate please!

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A couple weeks ago, I made a dumb video celebrating my acqusition of all four Overlord preorder bonus Minion figurines. I decided it was just dumb/funny enough for YouTube, so I uploaded it. My reception hasn't been very good so far, but maybe the right people haven't seen it yet?

Please note that the production values are EXTREMELY low, and the video really is quite stupid. If you like that sort of thing, give it a watch! Just be kind with the ratings and comments please, considering all I've just told you.

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I have a few video game reviews on my YouTube account, and some of my music that I've composed, and some I've performed, and also my personal vlog.

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