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Well you see I've heard we are in need of a debate so i thought well hey....maybe I should get something out of it too! so heres my dilema. I have accumulated some cash and i've heard Twewy and C.T. are both Awesome games so tell me....Which is better? don't forget to post a reason why too. If in the end I can't decide ill get them both but for now....
By the order to not get myself killed i've looked up the basics on both of these games and I still can't decide so the research is done.

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I don't understand comparing games like this, especially two games with virtually nothing in common. I prefer TWEWY because it is much more original and action-oriented.

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I was just debating this about a week ago! Get Chrono Trigger. It starts off kinda boring, but within a 30 minutes you'll be addicted to it.

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ok well i have both and both are great, but chrono trigger is the same old same old battle system that almost all RPG's have. also the out of battle system of walking around, going into towns, and buying stuff is the same as any old RPG game

but TWEWY has a ton of customization, and a totally new system and (in my opinon) a better story.


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I haven't played Chrono Trigger, but I can say that TWEWY is a good as well as revolutionary game! You get exp for not even playing for pete's sake! Also, the game pretty much what you make it, you can change your difficulty setting whenever you want, as well as change your characters level (lower only). When you lower your level, you get more pins (weapons)! Continuing, there are ABSOLUTELY NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! You choose when/if you want to fight! Not only that, but don't you hate it when you don't save in a while and die in a battle? That won't happen in this game! If you die in battle, you can choose to retry, retry on easy, escape, or go to the title menu! (That happens a little later in the game but still...) So anyway, like I said, TWEWY is a revolutionary game, but I have never played Chrono Trigger so I wouldn't know what it's like...

EDIT: Also, I LOVE the music! J-Pop ftw!

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4 say Twewy
1 says chrono

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You really do want to play through both at least once in your gaming life, but...

if you like classic RPGs (think any of the pre-VII Final Fantasy games), go for CT first because you've never played it. CT starts off a little slow, but has an engaging story that will draw you in as you play. It also has more than 10 endings and a New Game+ option, so you'll be playing for days (or weeks, or months even, depending on how long you play per day or whether you take a break between playthroughs) in order to see them all (and you do want to see most of them). Because CT is a classic RPG, you may want to find an online guide, as there may be places you'll get stuck and not know quite where to go next.

If you'd prefer a more modern RPG or you're not up to playing a game that will have you busy for quite so long, go for TWEWY. Its story will have you interested from the jump, and while it does have replay value, it's not quite to the same extent as CT. I think it took me about a week to get through the main story and then all the extra reports afterward, including Another Day. Unlike classic RPGs, it's hard to get lost or not know what to do next in TWEWY.

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