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I only use the words jokingly to people who know what it means, though I have been known to mutate "awesome" into "pwesome" now and then.

But, IRL l33t? Not for me.

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WolfRamHeart wrote:

Just give it time and it will eventually go away.

The same can be said about the collective intelligence.
I think some of these terms and spellings and phrases are downright hysterical. What gets me down is when someone doesn't know it's "would HAVE" and not "would OF." What the hell tense is "would of," exactly?!" Gee, it sounds like "would of" when my lazy, ignorant ass says it, so that must be the word I should write, too.

Naturally, this is just one example. Point is, we have enough trouble maintaining the quality of a legitimate language without worrying about the gamers' playful taunts and their spellings. /rant

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