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Topic: The Wonderful Ones of Nintendo Life: Team, Unite Up!

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Greetings, citizens of Nintendo Life! Are you tired of doing the same thing every day? Do you have a passion for justice? Do you possess some weird character quirk? If so, then join...

Who are these Wonderful Ones you ask? Why, they are users, just like you (except they do battle with the colossal forces of evil while wearing cool masks)! Sound fun? Of course it does! And joining is super simple. All you need to do is form a wonderful persona! You'll need:

A wonderful name (don't forget your mask)!
A wonderful title (make it catchy)!
A wonderful secret identity (that's just your username)!
A wonderful location (every hero needs a city to protect)!
A wonderful occupation (those tights don't pay for themselves)!
And a wonderful weapon to name (hand, sword, gun, whip, hammer, claws, bomb, you pick)!

But hurry! Our numbers are few and dark forces draw near. Even as we speak, the GEATHJUMP Armada is planning to unleash its ultimate weapon, Pachtron, upon our fair Nintendo Life and only the combined forces of (at least) 101 Wonderful Ones can stop it. Are you ready to become a hero?

Here's an example:

The Claws of Integrity

-Name: @Trululu
-Location: Icirrus City, Unova
-Occupation: Dragon Tamer
-Weapon: Claws; Poké and Sonikku

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Wonder Mask is here to serve!
The Fist of Joy
Name: Happy_Mask
Location: Clock Town Termina
Occupation: Mask Salesman
Weapon: The Happiness Hand

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Wonder Ideal!
The 8-Bit Idealist
Name: @Ideal_Hero
Location: Pokemon League, Unova
Occupation: Ace Trainer
Weapon: Bolt Bomb

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Wonder Shy!
Flying high, Fluttershy
Name: @Gioku
Location: Somewhere between Equestria and Subcon
Occupation: Elvis Impersonator
Weapon: Faces of Evil (Squadala!)

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The novice swordsman
Name: @Pikpikman_X
Location: Hyrule Caslte Town
Occupation: Knight in training
Weapon: Practice Sword

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the Silver Wonder Flame
the Metalizing Pure Heat
Name: @GuSilverFlame
Location: Twilight Town
Occupation: Time and Space Traveller
Weapon: the Silver(left) and Flame(right) Hands

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Think you guys need a Theme Song. ;)

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Dark Wonder Luigi
The green thunder strikes!
Name: @Dark-Luigi
Location: The Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation: Masked Green Plumber
Weapon: The Evil Green Gun

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Sneaky Wonder Snag!
Working underground and in the air!
Name: @WingedSnagret
Location: In the ground or above it
Occupation: Bird-snake mutant
Weapon: Drill Beak

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Come back when you're a little...mmmm richer!
You can read my username can't you?
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Occupation: Plays with catgirls all day ♥
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Come Shake Hands With me!

-Name: @Mr.WalkieTalkie
-Location: Here, There, and Everywhere!
-Occupation: Daydreamer
-Weapon: Dream Ripper (Claws)
Nintendo Network ID: Mr.WalkieTalkie
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Wonder-Brooooooo wait for it Red!
I'm like a brother.
Name: @mariobro4
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation: Goes hi-jinking with platforming but most of the time he sleeps and eats.
Weapon: Red Hammer

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Wonder Randoms
"Rev up those those fryers, cause i'm sure hungry to fight the forces of evil!"
Name: SheldonRandoms
Location: Anywhere, travels around and hangs out wherever, in the ocean or in space, you name it.
Occupation: Unknown
Weapon: The power of randomness and a cheese magnet.

I like to rev up those fryers, I play games, I can't draw good, but I make stick figures named Sheldon and Mr. Randoms.

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11 people... Do we have enough to draw a smiley face with the wonder liner yet? :3

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Wonder Groose
Everyone knows I have the slickest pompadour in all of NL!
Name: @Groose_Lord aka Paco_the_Wise
Location: Currently falling towards Groose Land
Occupation: Expert Catapult Constructor
Weapon: Pompadour and Groosenator

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Wonder Tricolor
Catchy title
Name: @Tricoloryoshi
Location: a place
Occupation: Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys, they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighbourhood
Weapon: a bus stop sign

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Wonder Somebody
"I'm your worst nightmare, dirtbag"
Name: @JustSomeUser
Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Bruce Wayne
Weapon: Superhero stuff

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Title: The Psychedelic Server
Name: @SomeBitTripFan (even my identity is anonymous)
Location: In A Computer Server
Occupation: Exploring Sentient Supercomputer Networks That Are Shutting Down
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Wonder Karp
Innovative. Sophisticated. Cripplingly indecisive.
Name: @Mellowkarp
Location: The Good Old Days
Occupation: Drifter and procrastinator
Weapon: Pocketwatch
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Wonder Witch

Title: "The Great Witch of Ability"
Secret Identity; @PrincessSugoi
Location: The West End
Occupation: Evil babysitter and general do-er of things
Weapon: The Great Book of Shadows, The Sugoi Wand

Current playlist: Senran Kagura Burst, Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Nightsky

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