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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Duuuuuuuuude! I got a Wii U and SMBU! I wasn't expecting that at all!

Sweeet dude. I guess that made your decision on getting one or not getting one easier.

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32GB Deluxe Black Wii U w/ NintendoLand
NSMB2 for the 3DS.
iPhone 5

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I was hoping for a Wii U... But it didn't happen >_<

But I got ITunes and eShop gift cards.
Makeup, nail polish. A baking sheet. (I didn't ask for it but whoopde do I got it.)

We went on vacation before Christmas so we didn't have a lot of money for presents this year

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Wii U Deluxe
Max Payne 3
Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Saints Row 2
Medal of Honor Warfighter
pocket Knife
Super mario Blanket



So far:
$40 Target Gift Card
Hugo DVD
Brave DVD
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter DVD
A bag of Mini Chewy Sweetarts
Nail Clippers (My family has issues with these, along with scissors)
$25 iTunes Gift Card
Urban Outfitters T-Shirt of a geopolitical map of most of the Western Hemisphere (It's too small, will be exchanging it for an XL soon)
Klipsch Image S4 Headphones (Yet to run them through my tunes, but my ears were bleeding with joy at Andy Stott's "Numb", so they should be fine)
Two hats
Books from the 33 1/3 Series on Radiohead's Kid A and My Bloody Valentine's Loveless (as a side note, MBV just finished mastering the Loveless followup. It could be out by the end of the year!)
$80 from my Grandpa (but my mom donated $5 of it to help a local VFW host a Christmas dinner for active Navy personnel. I think I can live with that)
3-Day Pass to Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

... And that's it. For now; my father's family is coming over this afternoon and my birthday's on the 28th.

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I have to wait till evening when the rest of my family arrives to open my presents. The very best I'm hoping for is (shocker) a Wii U. But at the very least I'll get Best Buy gift cards and just money in general, maybe even enough to just buy the system myself! Also after Christmas it's off to the pet shop to acquire some new fish for my tank since its half empty of occupants at the moment. Having my fingers crossed!


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Stapler and socks. I win! :3

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500 GB Portable External Hard drive
10 pairs of Black Soxs
7 Disney Christmas Bulbs
2 Flannel Shirts
$25.00 Olive Garden Certificate
3DS XL system
Code of Princess - 3DS
Kid Icarus Uprising -3DS
Majong Cub3d - 3ds
Nano Assault -3DS
Shinobi -3DS
Tales of the Abyss -3DS
Kung Fu Master -Atari 2600
Mahjong Journey - Quest for Tikal -DS
Shin Megami Hensei Devil Survivor 2 -DS
Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey -DS
Lock N'n Chase -Gameboy
Solomon's Club -Gameboy
Chip's Challenge - Lynx
Rygar - Lynx
Earthbound Reproduction Cart - Nes
Aladdin (Import) -SMS
Bonkers Wax Up! (import)-SMS
Mortal Kombat 2 (import) - SMS
16 Bit Xmas 2012 -SNES
Military Madness -Tg-16
The last Story - Wii

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LZBirdboi wrote:

Stapler and socks. I win! :3

A Staple...... I WIN!

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Ps Vita & Uncharted: Golden Abyss
HTC Windows smart phone
$15 Target gift card
Ps Vita Starter Kit


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I think @moomoo wins.

grumble grumble

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RR529 wrote:

  • Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded (which I'll be returning for Dream Drop Distance soon)
  • $25 Walmart gift card (I'll save up some, & use it to get Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
  • 2 new shirts
  • A new pair of shoes (with a couple new pairs of socks)

Also just got an additional $50, meaning I should be able to pick up both KH:DDD & PM:SS tomorrow!


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a new laptop
red beats headphones
nike KD V
i pod touch 5
sonic sega all star racing
2 hollister jackets
a north face jacket
6 hollister shirts
4 ralph lauren polo shirts
and other sttuff


  • Some Shirts
  • Chocolates
  • some steam games = THQ collection, Bethesda Collection, and a few other individual games
  • SteelSeries Siberia V2 frost blue headset (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Steam: Farukool
PM me if you add

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Additionally, I just got the following:

Two bags of Skittles
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Layton & Miracle Mask

Not a bad haul. Not bad at all.

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I got Scribblenauts unlimited,and a headset mic that I will use to make some youtube videos, maybe...And lastly, A voucher for any game of my choice, which I may use to pick up Zero Escape.

Also, My WiiU was an early Cristmas present, so that counts. All an all, A fantastic year ^-^

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TysonOfTime wrote:

I think @moomoo wins.

grumble grumble

How don't I win with my Hylian Shield

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Must finish my backlagg or at least get close this year
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I think I may be the winner here....

-YS I and II OST
-YS Oath in felgana OST
-YS Seven OST
-Trails in the Sky OST
-Scribblenauts unlimited
-PokePark 2 (The sequel to my second most hated of all time, Blaster Master on NES takes the first place spot for that)
-XenoBlade Chronicles
-Tales of Earthsea DVD
-$90 in eshop credit
-Hori screen protector
-Rainbow 3DS Styluses
-The last story OST

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