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The big 29 today. Time to get white girl wasted! Lol...... No not really. Cheers, here's to another year down!

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It was epic! Enough said!

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Happy B-day SofaKing you and are both 29, 1 year away until everything starts to gradually go downhill.



CountWavula wrote:

Happy B-day SofaKing you and are both 29, 1 year away until everything starts to gradually go downhill.

I already plan to go big next year for my Dirty 30. Once you hit 30 your officially the creepy old guy at the club. Looks like its time to start looking forward to the "dive bars." Lol.

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Today is my birthday!
I'm still a young'n though.

I get to learn how to drive now at least :3.

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@Konata happy birthday!

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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Happy birthday @Konata! ...I'm two years removed from be able to learn how to drive, and still haven't, lol. Maybe I'll get around to it this summer or something, haha!

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Happy birthday zerks~

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Happy Anniversary of your Life, @bezerker99! I hope you have fun on your Birthday!

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Even though I'm considered 21 in accordance to the Gregorian calendar, I'm actually 22 in accordance to the Al-Hijri calendar

I'm born on Safar (2nd month of Al-Hijri calendar) 14th 1413 AH and today is Safar 14th 1435 AH



Today I turn the much anticipated age of 21!

Its hard for me to believe I've been around this long, but that's what birthdays do right?



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