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Oh good, this thread is still around! My birthday is November 14th; I'll be back here then!

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It's Retro's birthday today! Happy birthday dude!

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

It scares me how right on point @WiilovePeace was for when my birthday is. .___. Unless you were round last time I posted it here lol. Now as for age, I've been alive since I was born and will live until I die.

It's because I'm psychic... Nah, you've got a unique name & finding out when you were born was a Google search away haha. Happy birthday!



Happy Birthday! @Retro_on_theGo

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Gioku wrote:

Oh good, this thread is still around! My birthday is November 14th; I'll be back here then!

You have the same birthday as my little sister.


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According to my birth certificate, as I'm writing this, 15 years ago I was born at this very moment. There have been plenty of ups and downs on the way to 15 years-old, there were also a few ups and downs because I joined Nintendo Life, but I'd do 80% of it (which includes joining Nintendo Life) all over again.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, you guys changed my life. Whether I was ready for it or not, you changed it and I'm glad you did. No matter what happens in the future, to have so many good friends that care about me was worth it. I'm glad I joined and there's not much I'd rather do than spend 34% of the day talking with you guys.

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Happy birthday, Mickey!!!

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