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It was my birthday 7 days ago.

I'm a tad bit late aren't I?

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I have eight? more months till I go to Las Vegas and go crazy.

Suspecting something along the lines of the movie "hangover."

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@Gioku duuuuuuUUUUDE! My Birthday is on November 13th! We're, like, close!

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It's Retro's birthday today! Happy birthday dude!

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

It scares me how right on point @WiilovePeace was for when my birthday is. .___. Unless you were round last time I posted it here lol. Now as for age, I've been alive since I was born and will live until I die.

It's because I'm psychic... Nah, you've got a unique name & finding out when you were born was a Google search away haha. Happy birthday!

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Gioku wrote:

Oh good, this thread is still around! My birthday is November 14th; I'll be back here then!

You have the same birthday as my little sister.




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