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Happy B-Day NavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinaviNavinavi, mighty Nekkid Water Polo Time Lord King! RAWR!

Hope you get plenty of birthday spankings from Gaga!

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My birthday 29th birthday was July 2nd.

Bah-Weep-Graaaaagnah Wheep Ni Ni Bong


My Birthday is 18th October.

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Today is my birthday so i thought i'd post here. Happy Birthday to me LazyGamer(You can call me Travis if you wish)

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Happy B-day Kirbs!

My B-day is the 14th!

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Can't let you BREW that Starfox!


I'ts mah birthday!

Gonna go for some sushi and Fro-Yo.

Can't let you BREW that Starfox!


I turn the big 26 tomorrow... - Dayman
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