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Happy birthday, Corbie!

I am StarBoy91, and I love all things 16-bit =)
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Happy B-day, Corbs!

And also Happy B-Day to FluttershyGuy!

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Thank you, almost forgot to mention my bd here! Hi, I'm a talking Groundhog-Pony! Happy birthday, fellow groundhog Corbs!

And I'll trade birthdays with the one who didn't want to share one with President Obama! Barack "Second Term" Obama, groundhogs, and ponies FTW!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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happy birthday corbie- your birthday comes before mines, february 3rd!

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mariofanatic128 wrote:

Happy Birthday misswliu81!

thanks mario fanatic and wolf ramhart

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It's my birthday today! Yaaayyy!

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Happy birthday, BleachFan!



Happy birthday BleachFan!

(My birthday is coming up in May. I hope you all got me 3DS consoles so that I can form an army to take over the world! Muahahah! >;D)

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Happy Birthday, BleachFan. n_n
My birthday's coming up on Monday~ So you all get ready to spam me with birthday love~



Happy Birthday BleachFan. May your days be grand.

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Happy Birthday BleachFan. I hope you get tons of bleach today!

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Happy birthday, BleachFan

I am StarBoy91, and I love all things 16-bit =)
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Massive retro gamer with a heart
To each their own


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