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Happy B-day peachy and Balloonman

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ColorsOfSonic wrote:

Happy B-day peachy and Balloonman

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Happy early birthday, @Retro_on_theGo!

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Happy birthday, Retro!

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Guess who was born today 44 yrs ago?

correction: I just noticed that, though it was the 2nd here that this said the third. It was actually 44 yrs. on the 2nd.

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Mickeymac wrote:

Retro_on_theGo wrote:

My birthday is tomorrow! 9/22

Ah, crap, I missed it. I should look at this thread more often...

me too, especially since he's my friend

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zezhyrule wrote:

Can you be my friend too, retro?

Happy Birthday otaku!
Made this just for you~

i love you


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I just looked at my signature, and apparently my birthday is in exactly four weeks' time.
Yayz! My birthday's almost here!

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it's my birthday today, 27 years old. Unfortunately I had to work 7-3 and then again from 4-9. Going to play a little GoldenEye tonight, maybe watch a movie, not having people over until tomorrow afternoon to celebrate.



Happy birthday, Lun!

I'm back (for the moment)!


Happy Birthday, Lun! It's nice to have a little time to yourself.

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Happy Birthday, Lun!

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