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I just learned new things about the upcoming Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions!

-Pokemon are male and female! They'll be able to breed! I wonder if there'll be differences in gender, like flower size on Venusaur, a gap on the tail of female Pikachu or extra flagella on the new Pokemon Upah...
-There will be two new types: Dark and Steel! I heard it's a way to strengthen Fighting-type and tone-down the power of Psychic-type. Also, Bug-type is to be enhanced to a certain extent. I think Bug-types will be popular from now on! I bet Rediba's evolved forms are really powerful!
-This is just a rumour, but there could be a new counterpart to Mew! According to sources on the net, its name is Serebii and it's a time-traveller, just like the Doctor! I wonder if they'll ever relaunch Doctor's about time we saw him again, since he still has at least another five regenerations left!
-The games will be linkable to Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow using an item called a Time Capsule. It makes sense, because the plot of the new games is set three years after the first ones!
-Pokemon can now hold items! It's great, because they can use natural fruits called Berries to heal without skipping a turn in battle!

The Pokemon franchise is really coming up with new innovations! What's next, obedience trials? Global trading and battling through the internet? Uploading your save file to the internet to gain access to new features? Using two Pokemon at once? Three Pokemon? It just keeps getting better and better!

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Who's Mario?


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In the future, music will project through our heads off a Gumstick-shaped thing with a touch panel. But I bet 8-tracks will still be all the rage!

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John Lennon was shot today.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Pkemon? What are you guys talking about. That will never happen, jus like we'll never see an itailan plumber go to space

sup, I will give you advice if you ask.
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Man, Pong is FUN!!


Isn't disco cool?

I'm back (for the moment)!


DOS games are so fun. But whats this Windows 3.1 I keep hearing about?

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The Chicago Cubs just won the 1908 World Series. That's 2 in a row for us. I'm sure we will have many more to come.

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Woah! Did you guys try out Space Invaders? It's AMAZING!!! I wasted my whole piggy bank on them!

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I finally got Super Mario Sunshine a few days ago! I think this is gonna bring the GameCube back from the brink of failure, especially since people hated that Luigi's Mansion was a launch title instead of this! It's mind-blowing! I like the fact that Mario is in a tropical resort, with each level being a different spin on the classic level types. I think Pinna Park was pretty cool, and I just beat the giant manta ray in Sirena Beach. Man that was tough! I never would've guessed that Bowser would have a child with Peach though, since it seems that she has a son...and it's not Mario's, like I would've thought! I wonder what the signature Mario title will be for the next console. It'll be hard to top this one, so they'd have to come up with something unique, like...oh! I got it! An interplanetary which Mario explores the worlds of other Nintendo franchises, like Hyrule, Pop Star and Corneria! Oh wait, Smash Bros. Melee already did that...oh well, I guess there'll never be a space-themed Mario adventure...or a space-themed Mario Duology...but still, a guy can dream...

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Have any of you tried those new playing cards by that company, Ninetendoe or something or other?



The New President of The United States is George Bush!
What a Happy day to be an American!

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Man, I sure wish there was a way to directly record TV shows so I could watch them later, because I'm as busy as can be at my job at the YMCA. They really need to write a song about that place....


Why do random people keep making fun of my mullet?

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Did you know there are 8 planets in our solar system?

The largest country in Eurasia is called Russia.

Terrorists have attacked the World Trade Center towers.

Thanks to President George Bush, we're at war with Iraq.

[Evolves into Slowbro]

Oh, there's 9 planets, it's now called the Soviet Union, the twin towers are fine after the attack, and we're not going to actually invade Iraq itself and depose Saddam Hussein.

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As I am writing this I am walking off the edge of the Earth. The Earth is flat, after all. [Walks off of Grand Canyon]

I'm pretty okay.
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I just finished celebrating the biggest m*i*l*le*n*iu*m new year.

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I came to this site a while ago to meet people that played The Conduit, and I stayed because the community was pretty rad, according to thirteen-year-old me. Feel free to hit me up if you want to chat and/or play some vidya.

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