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Having to empty the dishwasher. I have several chores around that house, but that one in particular I just fund annoying for some reason.

If you could have any type of candy right now, what would it be?


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James Bond

Have you ever actually bought something off of an infomercial on TV?

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Someone offers you $100,000,000,000, but the catch is your life will end 15 years earlier, do you take take it?

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No. It feels wrong.

Have you ever been splashed by a car running through a puddle?

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If you were offered the ability to swim through air, but you lost all of your emotions, would you take it?

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I need my emotions brah. so no.
Have you ever swallowed gum?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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How would you feel about having a job that you didn't like?

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Quite a few actually.

Do you think that dueling in the streets should be legal (specifically with swords)?



As long as nobody inflicts a killing blow, than yes.
Is friendship magic?

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No, a love potion's effects are magic.

Do you like money?

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I like it because you pretty much need it to survive x3.

Upcoming release you're most excited about?

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I don't thing I even need to say it, but... Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Sunday can't come quick enough.

Do you get really excited when summer break starts but then really sad when you realize just how bored you are?

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Nope, having less to do is better than having school to do. Besides, I will probably find stuff to do.

You get to decide what Shigeru Miyamato makes next, what does he make?

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A game as funny as Conker's Bad Fur Day.

To be a web designer, should you know how to code websites too?


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Funniest game character?

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Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising. (i would've said everyone but...)
Have you ever been dared to do something?
Oh and..

Mickey wrote:

Who's your favorite X-Man?


Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Yes. I was dared to to fight. I was young and foolish, not to mention I was being called names such as "coward" and "sissy" so naturally I did it. Of course it didn't end well but I got what I deserved for going along with it.

If you could choose one amazing thing to do for the world, what would it be?

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