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What is your favorite game ever

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Super Mario 64.
Should rare replay come to Wii u

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At the risk of sounding snobby, it would be easier for me to list the ones I don't find horribly grating at this point. Most memes have been run into the ground by people who overuse them as a crutch to make up for their lack of wit.

When a game makes you choose a difficulty level, which one do you usually pick on your first playthrough?



Cooking Mama. At first, I thought it was absolute shovelware to be avoided, but after seeing my friends play it... I was hooked for weeks. I'd gladly buy all the series' installments.
Are you willing to NOT fit in with the crowd? For any reason?

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It's not something I aim for. I try to do my own thing, and whether that aligns with the crowd or the rest of the world isn't a concern of mine. It's something I'm surely aware of though. I actually like standing out (if for a good reason), but these days there isn't much out there that distinguishes yourself from the crowd. But if I believe or love something enough, of course I'd be willing to stand out for it, no doubt. The problem is finding that thing that I'd be willing to do so for.

Who is your favorite video game voice actor?

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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There's only one answer to that question, Nolan North!

Star wars or Star Trek?

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@Darth_Vader: Star Trek. Never ever watched Star Wars.

Favourite fictional tool/weapon?

Meow. :3

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