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always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)


The girl we saw get caught on fire was pretty hot.



Speaking of puns does anyone still read the Xanth series? I still don't know how people are still buying this series. So sick of puns on every single page and most are idiotic.



I've seen enough Entei to know where this is going.
Gangnam Style makes me Psy.

Always throw a sandwich across the room during an argument for a dramatic effect.
During a bar brawl, look out for people trying to hurt you.
When you lose, you do not win.
Sarcasm tends to be sarcastic.
If you take laxatives, your colon will vomit.


It's not that I don't know how to juggle, I just don't have the balls to do it.

I couldn't remember how to throw the boomerang, but then it came back to me.

No one knew I had a dental implant until it came out in conversation.

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but then I got over it.

I'm glad I know sign language, it's pretty handy.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

I try wearing tight jeans, but I can never pull it off.

A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.

I was going to look for my missing watch, but I could never find the time.

Back in kindergarten I had a teacher who was cross eyed. He could never control his pupils.

They were having a sale on paddles at Cabela's the other day. It was quite an oar deal.

I was in a play about puns. Really, it was just a play on words.

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Hey guys, do you want to be a lackey for Lakitu?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.
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Oh man, I can already tell this thread is going to be a lot of pun! Don't laugh, the joke wasn't even punny! I'm having too much pun with this.

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If I have to stay up in this tree branch any longer, I think I'm going to snap.

Also, my chickens think it's cool to just eat plain old feed instead of leftover salad. How cheep of them.

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@Caniswolfred Well,They're called Killer Whales. I still consider it a pun if it has the name in it.

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I got struck by lightning yesterday. It was a shocking experience.

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Why couldn't this thread just stay dead?

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The other day I met an interrogator by the name of Seymour. (It depends on how your pronounce the name.)

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So, according to that Mario style guide, everything is measured in reference to Peach's height. I guess she really is the "Ruler" of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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You have the right to disagree with me and the ability to consider anything truly valid about what I say; Please exercise both.
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There's a pun thread? The maker of this thread must be punished!


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They should. I suggest you punish them by telling them a joke about pizza.Nevermind it's too....cheesy.

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