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Super Mario Land 2 — Overworld
Sonic Generations — Green Hill Zone
Sonic and the Black Knight — Misty Lake

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1)Final Fantasy
2)Super Mario Sunshine
3)Sonic and the Black knight

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1. Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins - Overworld
This tune brings back so many great memories and it's pretty catchy.

2. Sonic Generations - Green Hill Zone (Modern)
I really enjoy this remix and I just think Bianco Hills is more suited for when you're actually playing the game.

3. Sonic and the Black Knight - Misty Lake
This was a tough one but in the end I enjoy Misty Lake a bit more.

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1.) Final Fantasy 7: Bombing Mission - More to it than SML2 overworld theme. Much more.
2.) Sonic Generations: Green Hill Zone (Modern) - I love Mario Sunshine as a game overall more but that music in Sonic! Great stuff to my ears.
3.) Sonic and the Black Knight: Misty Lake - Enjoyed both tracks quiet a bit but Misty Lake was more interesting sounding imo.

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1) Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins - Overworld
2) Super Mario Sunshine - Bianco Hills
3) Sonic and the Black Knight - Misty Lake


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1) Final Fantasy VII - Bombing Mission
2) Sonic Generations - Green Hill Zone (Modern) - Hard choice as neither is that good.
3) Sonic and the Black Knight - Misty Lake

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1)Final Fantasy
Never really liked the SML2 overworld. Can't compete with FF music!!
2)Super Mario Sunshine
I do not like the remake of Green Hill Zone at all. If this were the original it might be a bit more difficult to vote. SMS all the way!
3)Dynamite Headdy
This is awesome! Black Knight was pretty epic, but had to give the edge to DH!

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1. Final Fantasy VII - Bombing Mission

This decision was so hard for me, since I absolutely love not only both of these games but both of their soundtracks. SML2's overworld theme is so wonderfully catchy, I just love it. However, I have to applaud FF7 for it's first level theme; shattering traditions and making the first area of the game something adrenaline-pumping and intense- with the accompanying music- is pure mastery. Not to mention how varied and versatile the actual theme is. This is how you start a video game~

2. Super Mario Sunshine - Bianco Hills
I really like the Green Hill Zone theme, in its original form. The modern version doesn't really appeal to me. I love Bianco Hills' theme though.

3. Dynamite Headdy - Escape Hero
I don't really love either theme to be quite honest here, but at least this one is a little more focused on what it wants to sound like. And it has identity.

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Super Mario Land 2
Sonic Generations: I'm not usually into remakes of themes, but this one really spoke to me. Mostly because this one fits so much to how Sonic's modern gameplay is. Its pretty amazing how you can remake something from 20 years ago adapt to something pretty different.
Sonic and the Black Knight

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1) final fantasy VII
2) super mario sunshine
3) sonic and the black knight

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Jeremyx7 wrote:

FonistofCruxis wrote:

Port of Adia is okay but too repetitive, I didn't even bother to listen to the whole track

The first minute gradually builds up into a much more immense atmospheric sounding musical arrangement . This is what you call 'progressive' style music. You probably didn't even get past the 1:24 minute mark huh? Shame if you didn't.....and if you did and still didn't care for it well than that's fine.

I listened to at least half of it and it still didn't impress me. I have heard VGMs like that before but I didn't know there was a name for that type of music. For example, I love The Genesis from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.


1. Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins - Overworld: This was a tough decision.
2. Sonic Generations - Green Hill Zone (Modern): Not much competition here.
3. Sonic and the Black Knight - Misty Lake: It's the best song of this round imo.

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1. Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins - Overworld
While both are good, this one just appeals to me more. Also gets straight to the point in terms of the main beat.

2. Sonic Generations - Green Hill Zone (Modern)
While I have a lot more nostalgia for Sunshine, Green Hill (Modern) can really pump you up for the first level. Both are great but this gets ahead by like 5%.

3. Dynamite Headdy - Escape Hero!
Same reasoning for Green Hill Modern, first level of the game and you're thrown into this? Awesome, a real 'treasure'. Though both songs are great, I like this one a bit more. Judging by the current vote, Misty Lake will win (rightfully so but still) so I might as well make sure it isn't a total landslide anyway.

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1. Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins
2. Sonic Generations
3. Dynamite Headdy (If this song were to have gone against Ristar, then that would have be funny)

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1. Super Mario Land 2.
2. Sonic Generations.
3. Sonic and the Black Knight. This game sucked, but this song is really cool.


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Seriously? SML2 song is not good. Nothing compared to the original Super Mario Land's level one theme!

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1. Final Fantasy VII - Bombing Mission
I wouldn't count an overworld theme as a level theme so I'm not voting for any overworld/world map themes. I think it would have been pretty cool to have a overworld/world map theme tournament but I guess that won't be happening now. Both songs are very good though, I'm not sure which is better.

2. Super Mario Sunshine - Bianco Hills
Bianco Hills is nothing special but that was a pretty bad remix of one of my favourite Sonic songs. If it was the original I would have voted for Green Hill Zone

3. Sonic and the Black Knight - Misty Lake
Escape Hero is pretty goof but Misty Lake is a fantastic song and easily the best song out of these match-ups.


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