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1) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Petal Meadows
2) Donkey Kong Country Returns - Jungle Hijinx
3) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Sky Station Galaxy

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1) Kirby Dream Land is very cheerful and a true Classic. All of Paper Mario's music sounds the same. But that doesn't make it bad, just not distinctive.
2) This one put alot of thought but I have to go with Turok 2 because it sounds like a much better song to get things started.
3) Super Mario Galaxy 2 is beautiful. The whole game has a well done soundtrack. In fact, we should have done a best VGM Tournament for best Mario Galaxy song.

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And so it begins! :3

1. Kirby's Dream Land - Green Greens
I was pleasantly surprised how catchy and great the Paper Mario theme was, I thought this was going to be a very easy choice! However, in my eyes, nothing beats the classic and cutesy charm of the Kirby theme <3

2. Donkey Kong Country Returns - Jungle Hijinx
This theme is boppin'

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Sky Station Galaxy
No contest.

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Ay, this one was kinda hard for the first two. But decidable.

1: Kirby's Dream Land
2: Donkey Kong Country Returns
3: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - most of this game's soundtrack is in my iTunes for a reason.

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Kirby's Dreamland Green Greens
Donkey Kong Country Returns Jungle High Hijinx
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Sky Station Galaxy

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Link-Hero wrote:

1) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Petal Meadows
2) Donkey Kong Country Returns - Jungle Hijinx
3) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Sky Station Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy uses orchestration score! It's super effective! Fire emblem Fainted!

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Ah common, there HAS to be more people here at NintendoLife who appreciated Turok 2's music more!

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1. Petal Meadows
Kirby was a classic song, but I had to go with Petal Meadows.
2. Jungle Hijinx
Just an all around amazing song. The build up to the climax is great!
3. Sky Station Galaxy
Fully orchestrated music is soo great!

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Alright, that's all the spots we have so nominations are over.
Sorry if there wasn't enough space for your songs, but I'll try the best I can to fit everything in. The first round will be on Monday so see you all then.

whaaaaaat1? NOooooooo! Misleading title. I thought I still had time to nominate.


Kirby Dreamland
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Mario Galaxy 2

On a side note Capn I like how you include a link for each song makes it very handy when it comes to voting.

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Green Greens
Jungle Hijinx
And Sky Station. PoR wasn't really the catchiest game in terms of music.

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Aww, I missed the nominations and I had some great songs in mind too. Anyway, good to see that XBC the best title theme tournament. I think Fragile Dreams should have won but XBC had the second best title theme in the tournament. I'll cast my vote for the current match-ups later.

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