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Oh wow.....This is a incredibly hard decision for me since I absolutely love both game's music tracks! Both OSTs have Orchestrated songs, wide range variety of sounds, tracks with high emotional tension, and straight up well executed written song notes from beginning to end. I'll be back while I listen to ALLOT of tracks from both games to truly decide for myself which one I like more.......

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Okay, after listening to Many tracks on both sides within the past hour I have come to a decision...a very very hard decision but one I feel is right in the end. Before I mention my Ultimate favorite track for this tourney, I want to share what I think of both OST's as to how and why I love them.

Kid Icarus Uprising - Phenomenal Lineup of track after track that carries specific attention to every moment, mood, situation throughout the entire game in every Level. The music is so good it could be used for so many different styles of movie genres that are of a epic caliber.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Extremely atmospheric, emotionally engaging, massive range of sounds intertwined to make one giant truly beautiful musical collage masterpiece. The music is so powerful in most of the tracks that I really get a feeling of inspiration to do something grand and/or create something new & positive of my own ideas to share with others despite the chaotic world we live in.

The fact that a video game soundtrack can make me reflect upon myself and gets me to think all deep & emotional really COMPELS ME to choose that soundtrack!! Xenoblade Chronicles overall is my favorite video game OST for this tourney and now that I think about it.....this is probably my favorite VG soundtrack ever!!!!!!!

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My vote goes to Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Both are amazing games with amazing soundtracks (I bought both soundtracks).
I think Xenoblade Chronicles definitely has the best soundtrack overall, but I think Kid Icarus has the better title screen music.
Wind Waker is probably my favourite as far as title screen music goes, though.


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Well this Final Round turned out just the opposite of what I wanted

Kid Icarus: Uprising has a great soundtrack with my favorite song being Magnus' theme. However, I don't think the Title theme deserved to come this far. I just think Metroid Prime 2 and Mighty Switch Force were both better.

Xenoblade Chronicles has a much better theme in my honest opinion. I would have liked to see Wind Waker make it here, but the Xenoblade theme is just as deserving so my vote goes to Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Xenoblade. KIU is just a medley of most of the main theme and boss theme.

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Wasn't expecting to see either of these make it to the final round.
I wish Wind Waker made it, such a good theme.

Kid Icarus: Uprising has a wonderful title theme, but...
I guess I'll go with Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Kid Icarus!

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Xenoblade Chronicles

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I would've loved to see Wind Waker make it :/ Oh well, I think I'll go for Xenoblade Chronicles

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This has been quite a tournament. I've gotten to hear some other users' favorite songs, and I've gotten to share mine. Now, it comes down to the final two, and it is not an easy choice for me. However, after some consideration, I have chosen Xenoblade Chronicles. Thanks to the users who submitted their songs, and @Capn_Pancakez, who set this tourney up.
Wind Waker still could have taken on just about in song in this tourney and won imo. I would have chosen it if someone else hadn't.

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Kid Icarus Uprising

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I vote for Xenoblade Chronicles, and I must say that I regret not choosing it in previous match-ups. Usually slower songs tend to bore me and they take me a while longer to like as opposed to more upbeat songs, but the song is truly a work of art. The Kid Icarus song is good, but it's a medley, and it ultimately doesn't do any of the original songs used any justice. Had it been another song from Uprising, I might reconsider, but I'm voting for Xenoblade Chronicles.

Aside from that, I really can't wait for the next category! I'm already trying to decide what my nominations will be.

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