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And so we begin!

1. Mario Kart 7
2. Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Super difficult!
1: Kid Icarus (SSBB)
2: Animal Crossing: Wild World

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1). Mario Kart 7
2). Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
Easiest choice ever.

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1. Mario Kart 7
2. Pokemon black 2 & white 2

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1). Mario Kart 7
2). Pokemon Black 2 & White 2

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I'm sorta gonna tell a little explanation of my votes, this one's a little rushed since I have to go to work soon, but here goes nothing.

Mario Kart 7's theme just get's you ready for the epic race that's ahead of you, and when you first listen to the theme for a while, it then just comes back to you that there's some Mario Kart 64's main theme in there as well, and then it makes you remember your younger self, just for hours, playing Mario Kart 64 without any trouble in the world, but then you also remembered that that one part of the song was also used in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Double Dash

(This version is from SSBB of the NES main theme of Kid Icarus) Kid Icarus's main theme tells a story of a young angel, who has to save angel land from Medusa, and at 0:05-0:06 of the song, Pit's wings open, he aims his bow and yell's "The fight is on!" and then the game starts, I like how the theme goes from a little jingle to a BIG BANG right in front of you.

While both theme's are great, i'm going to have to give this one to Kid Icarus (SSBB), even though nostalgia comes to you in the Mario Kart 7 theme, so does Kid Icarus's theme, and it even tells you more, but I don't want to say to much so there you have it.

Animal Crossing: Wild World's theme doesn't have big explosions or gets you pumped up to play it, it's just a theme of living life, I could look outside at my backyard and this theme would be playing, I could be with my family and this theme would be playing, and when you see the title screen, you just see one of your animal neighbors just walking around, enjoying life............

Pokemon Black/White 2's theme on the other hand, almost sounds like it sound not even be on the DS, actually, the beginning of the theme sounds like it doesn't belong to pokemon, if you were to let someone who doesn't like pokemon listen to that theme, they would be shocked about this theme was from a game for kids, this theme also let's you know, your adventure in the Unova region is not quite done yet, even though you may have thought so in the first game.

This was a tough one, as both theme's are so different from each other, but In the end, I would give my vote too.................Pokemon Black/White 2, again, this was a tough choice, but that theme just pushes the DS to it's limits, just compare it to the other pokemon theme's on the DS, and there is a big difference, but even though I voted for the pokemon theme, the animal crossing theme doesn't care if it wins or loses, and it just wants to be a theme that you can enjoy.

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1. Kid Icarus (SSBB)
2. Pokemon Black and White 2

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I agree with the Animal Crossing: Wild World crowd. That song gives me such a nostalgic feeling, arguably more than a lot of other video game themes. When a tune can hark back so many memories just from hearing it, you know its really good.

I'm really glad someone nominated it, even if it doesn't beat out Pokemon this round, it deserves to at least be recognized. Can't believe I didn't think to nominate it myself. <3

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These were both easy choices.
1. Kid Icarus (SSBB)
2. Animal crossing: Wild world
I prefer the original version (which was what I nominated) to the extended version so I went to listen to that instead after clicking on the link. I also agree with @CapnPancakez, it gives me such nostalgia. The Pokemon B/W2 one is very average anyway.

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1) Kid Icarus (SSBB)
2) Pokemon Black 2 & White 2


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Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing for me, KK forever. :3

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1. Kid Icarus
2. Animal Crossing: Wild World

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