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Well. Congratulations @Starman_Super, your mistake led to your own nomination's demise </3
All the ones I like don't make it to the next round..

1. Mario Party 3
It's very welcoming and cheery (and unlike some in the past round, I don't care that it's short...) /me holds grudge >:0
I also don't care for the "SANIICCC WOOO" nature of each Sonic theme with vocals.

2. Crimson Shroud
Nothing special, but it's still better than whatever I just listened to.

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1: Mario Party 3
2: Crimson Shroud

I feel like I haven't voted in forever x3

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None of the songs in this round are at all impressive but these are my votes:
1. Mario Party 3
2. Crimson Shroud
While MP3's title theme is okay and the other two are average, the Buck Bumble title theme is dreadful. I'm really surprised that's got as many votes as it has.


I guess my votes are kinda useless at this point, but whatever.
1) Sonic Riders
2) Buck Bumble

@LordJumpMad Thank you soooooo much for adding Buck Bumble. It has really changed my views of Video Game Music.

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Mario Party wins 9-6
Crimson Shroud wins 10-5

Well we're almost at the second round of this tournament already. Having matches three times a week really makes everything go so quickly. Anyways, we have some more RPG themes today so enjoy!
Here is a link to the current bracket

1) Persona 4 vs. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

2) Chrono Trigger vs. Tales of Symphonia

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This is the complete opposite of the last round! All of the songs in the last round were unimpressive but all the songs in this round are awesome!
1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Both themes are great but this beautiful theme gets my vote
2. Chrono Trigger
I love the song from Tales of Symphonia and while Chrono Trigger's title theme is very good, the ToS song is better but it is still an opening theme so it is not getting my vote. This is the title theme of Tales of Symphonia and while its not as good as the opening theme (which is often the case) its still a great title theme and the best title theme of the 3 Tales of games I've played and I would have voted for it if it was nominated.

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Argh! This is the hardest vote yet! I'm gonna have to take some time to really think it over...


1) ...I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! They're both too good! Heck, they both sent shivers down my spine! I'll save my vote here in case there's a tie - which there should be!

2) Tales of Symphonia. It was really close, but this song alone got me into the Tales series. It's seriously that good.

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1) Twilight Princess
2) Chrono Trigger

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1. Persona 4
2. Tales of Symphonia

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1)Twilight Princess - Though it was a pretty poor recording, the song itself is really beautiful.
2)Tales of Symphonia.

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