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1. Final Fantasy IX
I feel like I've heard the Professor Layton theme before, oh wait. Anyways, that Final Fantasy IX theme is so welcoming and adventurous sounding to me.

2. Kingdom Hearts II
Yay one of my nominations finally :3
Dearly Beloved is classic, and like others have said, I think KH2's version of it is the best so far.

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1: Final Fantasy IX. That song's sorta nostalgic for me. I used to watch my older sister play it all the time, but I was too afraid to play RPGs back then?? Dunno why. Blah, anyways, Prof. Layton song is really good, though, so it was a hard decision.

2: Kingdom Hearts II. My first and favorite game in the series, and one of my favorite part of the game, is listening to that song.

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1. Professor Layton's theme - Professor Layton and Pandora's Box and Professor Layton and the Lost Future
The FFIX one is okay but not as good as some of the other songs in its excellent soundtrack whereas Layton's theme is amazing and is the 2nd best song in this tournament! The best is one somebody else nominated that hasn't been in a match-up yet.
2. A Dedication to...Everyone - Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Dearly Beloved is beautiful but A Dedication to...Everyone is even more beautiful and might just be the best song so far in the tournament that I hadn't heard before.


Oh noooo... next round... my nominations...

I hope you know the two Layton themes in this tournament are different.

1. Prof. Layton
2. Fragile Dreams
...I could swear there's a version of Dearly Beloved I like more than this... oh well...

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1) Final Fantasy IX
2) Kingdom Hearts II

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1. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
2. Fragile Dreams

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...Okay. I'm changing my vote to Fragile Dreams. I was trying to convince myself I liked this version of Dearly Beloved more...

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1. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
2. Fragile Dreams
This wasn't a very tough decision for me.

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1. Professor Layton's Mad Beats
2. Fragile Dreams of an Absolution
(I renamed the songs. You like?)

Anyways, I noticed that some people didn't vote for Chrono Cross from the other match because it wasn't a title screen song. @CapnPancakes allowed title themes to be in the competition as well, so it's ok to vote for them. If you still don't want to, that's fine. I just wanted everyone to be aware of this.

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Professor Layton wins 12-6
Fragile Dreams wins 10-8

Uh oh, we're at Tyson's round. I feel for you
And yes, I was not being strict about the difference between Title and Opening themes. I allowed both just to make everything easier so you don't have to feel the need to hold you vote because a song isn't strictly a Title Theme. Nevertheless, I think there are some great songs today.
Here is a link to the current bracket

1) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door vs. Xenoblade Chronicles

2) Little Inferno vs. Half-Minute Hero

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Okay... let me just... vent a bit...
...Okay I'm done.


2. Half-Minute Hero.

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1:Xenoblade Chronicles, an other amazing melody.
2: half minute hero, i'm a sucker for rock.


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1) Xenoblade Chronicles
2) Half-Minute Hero


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1) Xenoblade Chronicles (TTYD is my favorite Paper Mario game, but its title theme isn't anything special. Xenoblade, on the other hand...)
2) Little Inferno (Wow, I haven't played Little Inferno yet, but this is great. HMH's is okay, but it just sounds like any other video game guitar anthem to me.)

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