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Starting With the Letter A (Or any other letter)
Featured in the Reveal Trailer
Unused Tracks
Most Iconic Tracks
Featuring Vocals
Enemy Encounter Themes
Town Themes
Dungeon Themes

Also, don't forget to change the name of the tournament in your signature.

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I am not sure if we did this already but what about a best ending credits song tournament?

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Best Character Theme
Best Options / Pause Theme
Best Level Complete / End Battle / Level Up Theme

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Best character theme sounds great,but what would be a couple of examples?



I like best character theme, I mean I suggested it after all :3

I have so many good ones to nominate~

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Lets have a tournament to decide the subject of the next tournament.

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character themes sound swell.

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Best Options / Pause Theme
Best Level Complete / End Battle / Level Up Theme

[/quote] I outta get that noted.
Eh, Best character theme seems ok.

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Seems like best character theme is the way to go.


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I know I used one of these before, but whatever.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Lord Ghirahim's Theme
Kid Icarus: Uprising - Magnus's Theme
Kid Icarus: Uprising - Dark Pit's Theme
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations - Godot's Theme - The...
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Professor Layton's...

And yes, I did go off my no-posting ban from the internet just to post these. Now, to reinitiate it. Later, dudes.

EDIT: Curses, Happy. You just had to edit with Magnus's theme >:[ Well, I'll just leave it there, because.
But you really should change it

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@Dash I have to edit them one at a time, wasting 5 minutes with each. Magnus's theme was there before your post. . But I'll change it anyway, because I just want Magnus's theme in the tourney, and I have a limitless supply of vgms I listen to.

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