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1. Cave Story 3D - Listening to a couple seconds of the other one made this choice easy.
2. Double Dragon - One of my favorite video games tunes ever, nostalgia city!

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1) Cave Story 3D (Not my favorite version of the song either, but yeah, it pretty much wins by default)
2) Double Dragon (One of my favorite tunes in the tournament)

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CapnPancakes wrote:

I know that feeling
Crazy Bus may be the worst song in the tournament and Adventure Time might be second, but I guarantee you'll think Buck Bumble is third.

I didn't think you actually accepted that Nomination.

Good G-d...

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1. Cave Story 3D
Nothing special but still a pretty good song but it pretty much wins by default, Crazy bus's title theme is the worst VGM I've ever heard, it's pure torture!
2. Fire Emblem
This was an easy choice too. The Double Dragon one is okay but this is definitely better.

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I was making a sarcastic joke for those who don't get it. coughcaniswolfredcough

I still prefer the original Cave Story theme to the 3D remix and the Opera Version of Fire Emblem is far superior in my eyes.

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Shenmue wins 13-6
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wins 13-6

I'm actually surprised that the Adventure Time song got any votes at all but I digress. We have some interesting songs to pick from this week so enjoy!
(@HappyMask is responsible for Crazy Bus)
Here is a link to the current bracket

1) Crazy Bus vs. Cave Story 3D

2) Double Dragon vs. Fire Emblem

But I vote for Cra-[Gets thrown into alley and beaten senseless]
Cave Story 3d
And of course, the actual good one, Fire Emblem

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Lol, I was kidding about crazy bus. :3
When I first heard it, I literally thought something was wrong with my hearing.

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Forgive me, oh ears of mine. That was painful >:0

1. Cave Story 3D
2. Double Dragon

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1. Cave Story 3D
2. Fire Emblem

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listens to Crazy Bus theme
Dear God!!! My ears!!!

1) Cave Story 3D
2) Fire Emblem

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Am I the only one who likes the 3D version of the Cave Story theme better?

Ah well. Running Hell from 3D is among my favorite tracks of all time. So whatever.

1. Cave Story 3D
2.Double Dragon
(Neither of the songs in the second battle spoke to me much... I feel out of place.)

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