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Topic: the nintendolife Star Wars apperication thread!!!!!

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I'm hyped as hell for Star Wars: Rebels. No seriously, I've never been more hyped for a cartoon in my life. Not only does the animation style look incredible and it seems to be taking the darker tone of Revenge of the Sith, it's helmed in part by the literal king of animation, Greg Weisman. In other words, the man who created my two favorite animated series of all time, Spectacular Spider-man and Young Justice.

Also, given the status of Weisman's previous work, I'm almost sure this will be cancelled in 2-3 years.

@shingi_70, can we change the name of this thread to something more official like "Everything Star Wars" or "Star Wars General Discussion"? It took quite a few searches to find this thread, and the key word that worked wasn't the most well known.

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