Topic: The NL Special Video Game Music Tournament: Best Sky Theme (First Round)

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I love the idea of best Mario Kart.

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@Emaan I'm surprised you didn't say Kingdom Hearts, Earthbound, or Pikmin!

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If I may throw in a suggestion for the next special tourney.....'espionage games' such as Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Perfect Dark, Splinter Cell, Golden Eye, ect...or any track involving a 'spy/sneaky' moment' ?

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Smash Bros, but I hope you realize how many excellent tracks there are. This may be a longer one. :3

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Would this be Smash Bros. original songs or is it including all of the remixes and stuff? Because if its the latter, than as @Happy_Mask said, its going to be a while! Brawl is one of my favorite soundtracks though, if not my favorite.

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Smash brothers

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Well if you're allright with it and Plus the decision seem unanimous. Smash

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So are we going to have 4 or more nominations per person? I say 6-8 to get the nominations done faster.

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From Brawl unless otherwise specified.

Mute City (Brawl)
Fire Field
Shin Onigashima
Fountain of Dreams
White Land
Dream Chaser

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Oh my. This is going to be quite difficult.

For now I'm going with:
WarioWare, Inc.
Song of Storms
Animal Crossing Title Screen Theme
Balloon Trip
Kid Icarus Title Screen Theme
The Dark World

Wow. It took me like half an hour to decide on those. I may decide to change one later on but I'm fairly confident in my decisions.

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