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zezhroom wrote:

Okay, finally found a decent picture of me -


I got Din, Nayru, and Farore to hold it up for me :3

btw, only Hylians can see it

nice hat. i've been looking for a red one myself... whered you get it? oh, and are you sure your Hylian? your ears don't look to well.... pointy. Oh and one last thing, where did you get that sword? that looks like some high quality metal. Almost looks like i could kill some dodongo's in like, one hit.




Pet the unicrons unicorns

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No, pet me! Not the girls holding my picture D:

@smashbrawler: I don't know what you're seeing, but I can't fight with a sword, nor do I carry one, I'm not wearing a hat, nor do I own one, and my ears are certainly more pointy than any I've seen

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PhoenixAran wrote:

/me puts the lz in her mouth


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Xkhaoz wrote:

Welcome to wonderful NintendoLife Petting Zoo. ... Anyone like to be petted by the users of NintendoLife?

Be petted by my fellow users?!?!?!? WOAH, that's like the CREEPESIEST thing I've heard in my short and yet long life time so FAR?!!!!!!!??????? That's just as bad Bella Swan petting a werewolf and been licked on by a vampire!! I'm officially konking out now! By the stars of Folagothunath how did this one get going?

(0_0) (_)

I suppose it wound't hurt that much for this little fellow to pet me with that blade of pure electricity and put out of my shocked state now would it?


Wait, no how about petting this nice classmate of ours? Eh? Touchy? Hmm...


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I've been dropping in and out of NintendoLife for a while now, but this has to be one of the weirdest things I've seen yet.,



Why are all the animals sleeping for a long time?
Xkhaoz puts out treats


I didn't touch a single "animal" and already I've caught the "Puke In Mouth" disease.

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HolyMackerel wrote:

トリプル ポスト ハイパア コンボ ピニシ!!

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There are several problems here. X_X



...There are many problems here, in case you haven't noticed. <_<

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Many disturbing problems. (Takes a moment to pet the half-bird freak though and feed him crackers)




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I need moar petting... I feel so unloved...

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I think all the animals died.
Thread bumpity bump


Xkhaoz shoots a stun dart at turtlelink
Freaking lawyers, I made them sign contracts saying they wouldn't sue

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Ooh! I want to be in the zoo as well! I'd like to be one of the zoo workers who occasionally changes into a Nintendo creature!
Pretty please...?

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