Topic: The Nintendo Life Best VGM Tournament (Round Two, Fight!)

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I'm for it but as I said before, I think all future tournaments should be in a new thread. That way, CapnPancakez can change the title as he didn't create this topic so newcomers wouldn't be confused.


I'm all for a title screen music contest.

I think it is a good idea to start a new thread too. You could link back to this thread in the op for the new one to archive previous contests, and allow those who are interested to still see them long after they have been buried.

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Title Screen Music it is?..

We should make a new thread, I agree.

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Best Title Screen Music? Sounds good to me!

When can we start?


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Emaan wrote:

Just throwing around some ideas here:

Best Title Screen Music
Best Opening Music
Best World Map Music
Best Battle Theme
Best Boss Theme
Best Final Boss Theme
Best Credits Music

Also, what if we did the best music of a series? Like:

Best Mario Music
Best Zelda Music
Best Final Fantasy Music
Best Pokemon Music


I like those ideas. We could also do tournaments for best songs from different consoles. I also thought of:
Best rival battle themes (any song for battles between rivals, not just songs called Rival battle like in Pokemon and SMT: Devil survivor)
Best town themes
Best dungeon themes
Best level/stage/area themes


Those are swell ideas also!

Just leave it to me and @FonistofCruxis, we'll keep the themes covered.

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Maybe "Best ending theme?"

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I think I already mentioned Best Credits. However, in a lot of games there's an ending theme and a credits theme. So good thinking.

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I just made us a new thread in General Discussion named: The NintendoLife VGM Tournament: Best Title Screen Music. With that all set up, i'd like to start with two nominations per person to get an idea of how many songs there will be. See you all there!

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