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Hello y'all. I'm zack4812! I have been lurking the site for quite some time and I finally joined!

I'm Canadian eh?


I'm new... Love me...
I just want to make friends with other Nintendo enthusiasts.

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Hello FurretG, zack4812 and Dpad

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Welcome to Nintendo life @FurretG,@zack4812 and @Dpad

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Welcome to NintendoLife! It's safer here...

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Hello everyone. This is an old account (since 2010). Just now decided to use it. Ha.

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Welcome to NL everyone. Everyone here except @Zodiak13 is super awesome, so have a great time.

Gotta catch them... eh, nevermind.


Welcome everyone! I hope all you guys have an AWESOME time on this site and I hope I get to troll each and everyone of you in some special way. Have fun. ;3

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At any rate, have a good one! :D

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I was a newb like you, then I left for a while, then came back. Welcome to NL, don't leave like I once did.

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Hello, I'm new and a nintendo enthusiast. Joined because I wanted to be bale to have conversations and debates about my favorite game company's games and you guys seem pretty nice.

Working on the profile pic. Trying to find a good one for me.


Hello everybody I am happy to be here !



So, do I just say I'm new? Ok. HI, I'M NEW HERE. Well, I did have an account with a pretty similar username, and I used to use it a lot, but then I hardly used it and I forgot the password... I guess that's exciting...

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Hey everyone, I'm Daniel. I just started getting back into gaming in general and bought a Wii U yesterday. I'm currently playing TWWHD because it's the only game I have for the console, haha, but that will soon change.



Hello, I have used this site for a while, but just made an account. Just so you know, my opinions are right and yours are wrong.

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Now, to take over the forums!

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@Shocks1776 Wow... way to make enemies right away...

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with over 1700 posts this will obviously be mostly ignored but anyways gotta do the newbie thing and say HI!
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