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hey Guys

Im looking for nba2k18 gold legend editions for switch. I COULD order online but dont trust that gamestop will ship in a box, and as im overseas ( with a US postal address ) it gets a bit messy if it arrived banged up. Anyone selling a mint copy or can procure one from a gamestop local to them? Thanks



@mrhaboobi I saw one in the cage recently at my local Best Buy. I didn't realize what a unicorn that game was


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Not really a unicorn.. Just dont trust stupid stores to ship it in a box. they will stick it in a bag and end up getting crushed



Okay, I'm already irked about the NES classic situation still and am like idc about these mini consoles anymore...but the Best Buy here just happens to have ONE Snes mini in stock and I've just been staring at it for like half hour... What to do...?


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Looking for the Splatoon 2 Neon Pink Inkling Girl Amiibo in any condition. Willing to pay retail price.

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