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Have you ever had that feeling were a game was great, but for some reason you just thought it was satisfactory? You know, when a game is considered very good, but to you it seems like that the game feels like a kind of original rip-off that was fun while it lasted? I seem to have this feeling towards many games. If you have experienced this feeling with a game and/or know some sort of weird cure for it, please post on this thread. I will be glad if you do =)

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I'm confused...not entirely sure what this feeling is....

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yeah...I felt that with quite a few games recently. Wario Land: Shake it! comes to mind. That's a great game. I like it but for some reason I haven't brought myself to finish it, after almost year. Also, Kingdom's just missing something.

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Well,I think I know this feeling, but I usually don't even finish these games though..

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I got that feeling with Scribblenauts. It was great for a couple of days of casual play but after that it was like "Meh, not that great"

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WaltzElf wrote:

Ever since Magic Carpet gaming has just gone downhill

Wht can't they make Magic Carpet DS/ Wii?

Anyone knows who sits on the licences to the Bullfrog games? EA maybe? Personally though I'd rather have a new Dungeon Keeper...


This feeling is the reason why I will not be buying Uncharted 2 despite all the praise for it.


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You mean the feeling you get when you just played through an awesome game, yet never felt compelled to touch it again? If so, I've had that feeling a lot. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door were both great games, but I barely touched them after I beat them. There's a few more examples I'm sure, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

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Djungelurban wrote:

WaltzElf wrote:

Ever since Magic Carpet gaming has just gone downhill

Wht can't they make Magic Carpet DS/ Wii?

Anyone knows who sits on the licences to the Bullfrog games? EA maybe? Personally though I'd rather have a new Dungeon Keeper...

I think it is EA, since it was them who brought Theme Park to the DS.

Which is why it saddens me that EA of all companies is not doing anything with the license. It would make for an awesome game in this day and age of online multiplayer gaming. Hell, I remember fondly multiplaying the original on 486s, and my GOD that was a challenge and a half.


Yoshi's Island DS and Super Paper Mario

Both are great games but when I finished them I put them on the shelf and now they just sit there "finished". Unlike say, Zelda Phantom Hourglass or Super Mario Galaxy where while even though I haven't really replayed them I didn't have that "meh" feeling when I finished them.

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All I need to say is this:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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GTA 4 and GTA:CTW. The former story becomes cringe worthy after a while. The latter uses the touch screen a bit TOO much leaving me to wonder how I was supposed to hold the stylus and play at the same time.

Also de Blob was a great game, but the save system and repetitive enviornments kept me from playing it all the way through, leaving me to say, "meh, it was fun while it lasted". Note that I actually own all of the games I mentioned.

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yeah, i get that feeling alot. got it when playing, gta 4, the legend of zelda twilight princess, rainbow six vegas, ys 1+2, soul calibur 4, and puts flame shield on super mario galaxy. they were all just alright. theres alot more, i just cant remember them off the top of my head.

and i dont know what causes it or how to cure it, its just that everyone has different tastes. like starboy says, to each his own(he does say that right?).



I love animal crossing but if i stop for more than a week i dread going back to the complex town and play TWEWY instead



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