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haha, the game isn't even finished yet and there's an animated TV series in the works? wow....One would think that if a game or series becomes succsesful THEN they would bring on the merchandising. Sounds like they're all getting a little over confident up there.

So far it looks like a long lost PS2 game and does absolutely nothing special from a game play perspective. I want my $75 back Inafune! :P i could buy so many things with that much 50 snickers bars, a Domino's Pizza and an NES copy of Rad Racer ;)

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One interesting fact I read about Mighty No. 9 I read was that Inafune said that if Capcom would agree to it he could easier change Mighty No. 9 into a Mega Man game. Perhaps he was making a point to Capcom as to how easy for him it would to get the fans of Mega Man to follow him even though he didn't own the name rights to Mega Man. I just can't help to have that feeling when it comes to Mighty No. 9

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Yeah, the way MN09 looks right now isn't really eye pleasing and a show for a game. I mean, the franchise is getting a cartoon show this early when the game is not even near completion. The cartoon concept itself isn't looking too hot either, but if TMNT and the Starwars cgi cartoon are anything to go by, then the MN09 cartoon could be good. Still wished it went with its 2D art though, 3D Beck's design is just... meh.
It could be worse.

Anyway, I'll reserve judgement when the game is in its BETA phase or when it gets a playable demo.

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