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Metroidlink wrote:

@gioku what kind of games is that?! If the game has that kinds of physics I need to get that game ASAP
Now what is the name of the game?

It's called Bridge Constructor.

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VidyaGaems wrote:

0:25 that's actually my profile pic but the gif wont work. Maybe the file size is to big.

OdnetninAges wrote:

Sp00ky scary skeleton back to play games and dew other fine things indead!
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I know a lot of people hate TBBT and it doesn't seem popular here but as a TBBT fan (of the older seasons, at least) I actually laughed at this, didn't think I'd laugh at a Twilight joke

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got a few minutes to spare before you travel to work or school? if so, watch this.

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A simple way to take care of your online problems if the internet is making you depressed!
it's only one word but a slight language warning.

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