Topic: The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, or Aliens?

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I believe in all of them, but what do you guys think is most likely to be real?

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The Loch Ness Monster and Aliens exist as much as oil should be mixed with fire. Damn, my comparison skills need work. :{

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To each their own


Bigfoot and Aliens are tied.

The Game.

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Aliens exist. To gaze into a starry night sky and believe otherwise is utter hubris. Now, whether they've visited our little corner of the galaxy? That's another issue. If so, I don't believe it would have been by purely biological entities. Makes for creepy stories though!
Bigfoot and Nessie...? Yaaaaaaaawwwwn.

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Aliens of course. Would be foolish to assume we're alone in universe.
I think Bigfoot and Nessie are "real". I think they weren't made up but rather are something else... like Bigfoot a mountain gorilla or something So it's not really a mythical creature but it's not made up either. It just was confusion of the guys seeing "Bigfoot"

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I believe there has to be life on another planet(s).



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