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Since we have a thread for cartoons and anime, I figured we need a thread for live action shows. So I watched Heroes a long time and had to stop watching the middle of the last season. So I've stated watching the last season from the start again. I've really been liking it and going on a marathon of it today. I'm watching it for free amazon prime.

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Oh dude, I watched every episode of Heroes on Netflix! I like the first season the best, it kinda went downhill from there, but all the seasons were still worth watching.

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I'm hoping this talked about new season of '24' becomes reality. Last I know, negotiations are underway.

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The only live action programs I currently watch are J-Melo, Imagine-Nation, BEGIN Japanology, Journeys in Japan, & Tokyo Eye.

Once the fall season starts back up, I'll get back into the Big Bang Theory, and give Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. a try (I'll also try to get into Arrow, if I can).


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Once season three of Game of Thrones wraps up tomorrow, I'm going to have nothing new to watch until the fall.

So it's probably the perfect time to sit down and finally watch Breaking Bad.

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Tasuki wrote:

There is a TV show thread here if you wish to focus TV shows

That thread includes cartoons and stuff. This is exclusively for live action TV. If the cartoon and anime discussion threads are okay, I see no reason not to have this one. It competes the circle.

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Well I guess the mods will decide that. But that was the sole purpose of that thread. Don't see why we need a separate one.

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I watched the Last Man Standing on my DVR recenrlybl, it was great. Tim Allen is hilarious, I loved the driving episode with Eve.

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Shows I'm in for this season

Marvel's Agent's of Shield
Masters of Sex
Hart of Dixie
Once Upon a Time
New Girl

Some others but those are going to be my main shows to watch out for.


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I'm still pretty heartbroken about Breaking Bad ending. Thankfully, The Walking Dead is coming back pretty soon.

So, what is everyone's favorite new show of the year? My vote is for Bates Motel. The idea sounded goofy, but I think they're really pulling off the whole idea very well. The season finale was chilling, and a definite reminder of what Norman Bates will eventually become. Hopefully we get to see his devolution in all its horrific glory.

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