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Now before I begin, I just wanted to say this is not for people who have NOT seen the film, because well your opinion will be probably based on anything of the film, other than the trailer(although there are still ways to see the movie if you haven't). To start, I actually some what enjoyed the movie. Of course when I started to watch it, I was expecting it to be crappy, I just kept an open mind, and tried to judge it as a fan made film. Truly it is one of the best fan made movies I have ever seen, and you can defenately tell alot of time and hard work was put into this. The story line is different from orcarina of time but in essence it is the same story. Of course, link talks, wich I was really wanting him to not talk, it would just be interesting to see how they would make the movie if he didn't talk. The acting was "meh, i guess i can deal with it" but for a fan film it was pretty good. The visual effects were pretty good, but some just were plain old fake (the visual effects would be like something you would see in a gamecube or wii game, nothing to impressive for a movie). I dont know why but something that made me really mad was how links hair looked like it was bleached, I think they should have made it dirty blonde. They do spend about the first half of the film on the introduction (no fighting, dugeon exploring, ect.) and the second half was fighting all the bosses but some bosses they literally spent less than 30 seconds on, I simply wished they would have balanced it out more (by making the introduction just 20 minutes or so). Any way, all in all this is the best live action Legend of Zelda movie out there, and almost a must for die hard fans (but some will be put off by some inacuracies in the film) it truly was well done, and for a fan made film only had minor complaints (such as accidentals with camera changing). Could it have been better? Of course! Was it still good? I guess. I'm recomending this film and appraising it for the fact that its just like the legend of zelda t.v. series, It sucked but for some reason I end up watching all the re-runs on hulu. If your not open minded about fan films, then I warn you to stay away from this one, but it truly is a good film for a viewer with a good imagination. This is no blockbuster, and as a regular movie I would give this a 5.5/10 but as a fan made amaeture film this is definately a 8.75/9



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