Topic: The Hardest Games You Have Ever Played

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always surprised by people saying that VVVVV is hard

before i bought the game i was told that it's extremely challenging and will take quite some time to finish
i was even told that i'd get frustrated because it's so hard

in the end.. nothing challenging about that game, it was extremely easy, but definitely enjoyable!
same goes for Rage of the Gladiator (eShop) btw.... every review said it's difficult and it'll take time and patience to beat it...... it was way too easy

as for difficult games.. i can't think of any right now, but im sure there were a few games i had problems with
in the end single player games aren't as challenging as they used to be anymore, developers treat us like idiots and give us 1000hints, tips and tricks and basically show us what to do - it's really annoying

nowadays.. the only challenging moments are when playing vs other people via online/local-multiplayer (RTS, MOBA, etc.)
definitely depends on what game you're playing, but every now and then you'll meet a decent opponent



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