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I do enjoy the pleasant and un-judgemental responses people receive is this thread when they announce they have to refrain from visiting the site. Seeing a place on the internet where kindness reigns is a rarer thing these days.



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Aviator wrote:

Might be back for a little while guys.

Who knows.




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@TwoTheNines: Oh yes, I know what you mean! This place is so friendly... I feel so comfortable here! I like to refer to NL as "the friendliest place on the internet". And it also happens to be focused on Nintendo, so... that's pretty good too!

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Aviator wrote:

Might be back for a little while guys.

Who knows.

Good, somebody needs to keep these fanboys in check! Its got boring around here!

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MERG said:

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Welcome back, @Aviator! It's been awhile.


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Welcome back Navi! The site needs you more than ever haha

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Now we just need Chrono

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I guess he got tired of talking to the same three people.

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I'm sort of late on that "might be back by New-Year's Eve" estimation I made when I left, but, nevertheless, I'm back now.

Welcome back, @Aviator. It was never quite the same here without you so I'm glad you're back (even if it's just for a little while).

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Welcome back @Mickey!

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Welcome back @Mickey

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Glad to have you back, @Mickey!


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So, I know I'm not incredibly popular, but my interest in this forum is fading again. I mean I keep coming back then going for a couple months, cause when I'm first back I feel like I forgot how awesome this place was! Then I just kinda get bored with it and head off to other places... Anyway, I might just disappear all over again, mnyeh... But, this time it won't be "without warning"

Edit: Well folks, I'm outta here for now. I've decided to take a bit of a break from the Internet, so bye. I'll probably be back in a week or something.

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